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Bourse de Fret CargoNet is a software program running on server and a place where freight forwarders and carriers are advertising and searching available cargoes and trucks.

Let us say that you have regular bussines for transporting goods from Paris to Milano but you do not have a return load. You need backload in order to maximize profitability. Or with other words in order to not do many miles with empty vehicle. If you are familiar with similar circumstances then you should consider becoming a member of CargoNet exchange. In the shortest time you will grant access to services. 

Why using CargoNet?

Let us say that you have imports to UK, but you do not have available trucks. How to solve this problem. Easily become a member of CargoNet and offer loads in bourse de fret CargoNet. Click on offer cargo, offer all relevant infos and click confirm. Your offers will be advertised and exchanged to all carriers witch are interested in your loads in the shortest time.

Do you wish to start using CargoNet right away?

On the left side of the menu at CargoNet bourse de fret click become member or click here.

Do you want to find out more?

Send e-mail to: 







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Browsing and advertising 
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